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Pengarang Badrudin ; Ngurah N. Wiadnyana ; Berbudi Wibowo ;
Institusi pusat riset perikanan tangkap
Tahun Terbit 2005
Kode Panggil 639
Sumber Indonesia Fisheries Research Journal
Desc Fisik IFRJ Vol 15 Tahun 2005 Hal : 41-46
Subyek deep-water
Abstrak Bottom long line fisheries in the continental shelf area of the Arafura Sea has have practised and developed since the last two decades. But bottom long lining in the slope area seemed to be unusual fishing operation for most Indonesian fishers as this fishing activity facing a relatively higher risks of fishing gear lost. Based on exploratory bottom long lining that randomly operated, it was later found that 16 fishing stations were carried out in the flat part of the continental shelf area and 13 stations in the slope area. Catch rate in the slope area of about 1.3 tonnes/setting was more than four and half times higher than the catch rate in the flat area which was only about 0.28 tonnes. Higher variation of catch/setting in the flat area was occurred, while in the slope area was relatively lower. The hook rate in the flat area was only 1.02 (one fish) or 2.8 kgs, while in the slope area was 5.63 (6 fish) or 14.2 kgs per 100 hooks. From these composition data it can be concluded that more than 75% of bottom long line catches consisted of red snappers, groupers, sharks, and rays. The most dominated red snappers species found in the catch were goldband snappers and jobfish, Etelis carbunculus. The average individual size of red snappers in the slope area was likely to be bigger compare with those inhabiting the flat area. On the other hand, the individual size of groupers inhabiting the flat area seem to be bigger compare with those inhabiting the slope area. Similarly the bigger average individual sizes of cobia and sharks and rays were likely occurred in the flat area. From this earlier aspect it is likely that the demersal fish resources in the slope area was relatively lightly exploited or perhaps it was still provide a pristine area as almost no trawlers carried out fishing operation in this area. KEYWORDS: deep-water demersal fish, bottom long line, continental shelf area, slope area, Arafura Sea, red snappers, groupers, cobia, shark, and rays
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