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Pengarang Siti Nuraini ; Tri Ernawati ;
Institusi pusat riset perikanan tangkap
Tahun Terbit 2009
Kode Panggil 639
Sumber indonesian fisheries research journal (ifrj)
Desc Fisik IFRJ Vol 15 No. 1 Tahun 2008 Hal : 9-16
Subyek Change to the Red Snapper Fisheries
Abstrak Red snappers are target species and exploited by industrial fisheries off the Bottom longline, trap and as by product of fish net in Arafura Sea. This study proposed to identify effect of industrial fishing on red snapper fishery; on size and catch composition. Data used in this study were catch data of bottom longline and trap landed in October-December 2004; landing data of the bottom longline and trap in 2005-2007, fish net catch data landed in Merauke. Information on day trips, number of vessel, number of fishing gears was gathered from fishing port Tenau, Kupang, Fisheries District of Probolinggo, and interviews to the captain and crew of bottom longline. Changes in the fishery of red snapper is define by comparing present fishery to those off ACIAR/RCCF Red Snapper research collaboration 1999-2002. Results of the study showed changes in the vessel size, gear size and number, and trip duration in red snapper fishery. The fishing vessels size of bottom longline changes from higher than 70 GT to lower than 50 GT. Hook size from no.4-5 shift to 5-8. Day at sea decline from approximately 3-4 months per trip to aproximaly one month per trip. In total number of trip decrease from 3-4 trips per year decline to 4-6 trips per year. The catch composition of red snapper, L. malabaricus was decline from 47% in 2005 to 24.3% in 2007 of the total catch. Deep sea snapper, Pristipomoides multidens was caught 16.1% in 2005 increased to 36% in 2007. The length at firts capture of L. malabaricus decrease from between 50.7 cm in 2001 to 41 cm in 2007. KEYWORDS: red snapper, catch composition, size structure, bottom longline, trap, fish net, Arafura Sea
Lokasi Perpustakaan Pusat Penelitian Pengelolaan Perikanan dan Konservasi Sumberdaya Ikan (P4KSI)
Descriptor Darwanto
Daftar Pustaka
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